What we do

We help our customers implement technology in record time, with world-class cloud solutions that we fully manage and customize for their needs.

World-class services

Our digital services are on par with those offered by the best global providers.

Fully managed services

Our customers are not distracted by technical details or tasks, our services include comprehensive technical management and unlimited support.

Simple and fast deployments

Our services and processes are optimized for small and medium-sized companies.


The best digital solutions, available to all companies

The design of our services and processes, combined with our comprehensive customer care model, allow companies of any size to deploy cutting-edge technology and meet their goals.

We provide world-class digital services and manage them for you so you can focus on your goals


To empower medium and small companies through a customer care model and a platform of innovative and quality digital services, at competitive costs, that allow them to deploy the technology base they require to grow and compete without limits.


Massify a digital platform and a customoer care model designed for small and medium-sized companies.


Fernando Covecino
Fernando served as account executive, consultant and director of consulting and support services at Microsoft, and as a partner at Deloitte where he was responsible for developing the Digital Transformation services group and the Media, Telecommunications and Technology industries in Peru. At XUBIUM his main responsibility is to lead the development of the service catalog.

Enrique Valdez

Enrique spent the first 15 years of his career in Silicon Valley as a robotics engineer, and then as a consultant and director of Apple and Microsoft in California and Washington DC. In Peru, he founded and directed the Microsoft Services organization. His training and interests later led him to found G&S Gestión y Sistemas. At XUBIUM, he has the responsibility of ensuring the optimal operation of the company and the generation of value for its customers.

Our fully-managed digital services are perfect for your team and your company.

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