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Increase productivity and collaboration in your company with our Kanban boards service.
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A productivity revolution

Plan work and manage activities in an agile way with Kanban boards, one of the best tools to achieve effective execution and better control of progress.


Kanban boards are crucial for organizing and maintaining the productivity of teams working remotely.

A simple view of work and progress

Achieves a complete view of all initiatives, improves collaboration, and increases team motivation.

From anywhere, any time, and any device

Increases productivity regardless of the company’s work modality or the location of employees.

Encourages creativity and ideas

Everyone can post ideas as they go about their activities. Idean can then be reviewed with the team during planning.

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Part of our Cloud Storage & Collaboration service

Our Kanban Boards service is an integral part of our Cloud Storage & Collaboration platform, allowing our customers to receive the benefit of a complete suite instead of purchasing isolated functionalities.

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Main features
  • Unlimited Kanban boards.
  • Tasks are organized on cards than are then arranged by columns.
  • Each board is shared only with the users or groups that require it and has permissions.
  • Filters that allow employees to view cards according to task owners or labels.
  • Supports archiving of cards and boards to maintain order without losing the execution log.
Cards (tasks) with advanced functionality
  • Support notes, comments, links, lists, and attachments.
  • Can be assigned to one or more task owners.
  • Tags can be assigned to improve organization.
  • To improve monitoring, each task has an automatic change log.
  • Support comments.

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