Business Email + Cloud Storage & Collaboration

Everything you need to increase the work performance of your team and protect your company information.


Fully managed service

We configure everything

We take care of all the technical details so you can focus on your business: We fully manage your subscription and give you unlimited technical support.


Ready in less than 24 hours

Simple and fast implementation managed by our experts.

Everything you need for any teleworking scenario

Email, calendar, contacts, and work files synced across devices, agile dashboards to organize teams, video conferencing with advanced features to deliver high-quality online experiences, and much more.

Leverage the cloud

Online collaboration tools that improve teamwork, information access, and security.

35% more affordable

And with features on par with those provided by the best global providers.


Our Business Email + Cloud service includes virtual rooms for each employee of up to 25 participants from our Connect service for virtual meetings and online training.

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Cloud security

All communications with our Cloud Storage & Collaboration service are encrypted, and our cloud platform has an antivirus that analyzes in real-time all files that are uploaded to the system.

In addition, it supports access permissions for internal users, and passwords for files shared with third parties through links.

Work without the risk of losing information: our storage cloud performs daily automatic backups for 30 days for all information.

Email security
  • Antispam, antivirus and greylisting to minimize incoming spam and risks.
  • SPF, DKIM, DMARC and blacklist monitoring to prevent your company’s messages from arriving as spam.
Emails, address book, calendar and cloud storage

The information is always available where it is needed, with access from any authorized device or the web.

To access information in the cloud, in addition to the Web interface, our service includes synchronization applications for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android.

Our business email service supports desktop applications via IMAP (email), CalDAV (calendar), and CardDav (contacts).

It also supports ActiveSync to expedite the configuration of mobile devices and has an advanced WebMail interface that is compatible with mobile devices.


Our online collaboration tools allow comments on files and folders, group edit documents, spreadsheets, diagrams, and presentations online, and check the history of actions on each document and folder.

Our service also has Kanban boards, a powerful tool for planning team work and executing initiatives.

More information on Kanban boards

Business passwords manager

Using the same password for different services is very risky.

Our Cloud Storage & Collaboration service integrates a business password manager that allows passwords to be generated, stored, and shared safely, as well as easy access to them.

Additional Features

Our cloud storage service includes additional online collaboration tools, such as a notepad and a Microsoft® Visio®-like diagramming tool that allows you to generate and share organization charts, mind maps, and many other types of diagrams.

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Our fully-managed digital services are perfect for your team and your company.

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