Marketing Automation

Campaigns and marketing automation

Save time, prevent errors, and improve efficiency across a wide range of multi-channel marketing tasks.

US$ 150 / month (flat fee)

Ideal for eCommerce and companies
of any field

Marketing automation allows to win customers and sell more with less effort and saving time.

Automate emails for abandoned carts

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Since more than 80% of online shopping orders get abandoned, it is essential to set up a message reminding customers to complete their purchases.

Did you know that online stores that implement marketing automation convert 50% more?

Win-back campaigns

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If a long time passes since the last purchase or contact with customers, likely, they will not buy again.

Automated win-back campaigns help maintain frequent contacts with customers and increase repeat, cross, and up-sells.

Rewards and benefits

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To assign discount coupons or provide benefits such as sending eBooks or others for subscribing to newsletters and other customer activities contribute to maintaining continuous contact, personalize content or segment campaigns, and make customers more aware of companies when they require new services.

Emails with custom fields

Customize fields so that each message shows different information and feels close.

Non-customized messages to customers won’t achieve any result.

Multiple contact channels

Much more than mass mailing: create a complete and unique customer experience through campaigns with automatic communication flows through email, SMS, tweets, web notifications, dynamic content, and more.

Email marketing with your brand identity

Our visual email builder allows building newsletters and messages directed at various communication campaigns.

– Save time –
Automatic campaigns with workflows based on scheduled events, actions, conditions and decisions.
Forms integrated to digital media

Online forms allow obtaining the email addresses of the visitors to establish periodic communications, gain more clients, and initiate all kinds of scheduled campaigns.

They can be placed on web pages, applications, and any other digital channel.

Monitoring of actions on the Web and social networks

The platform data allows planning marketing strategies based on real information from visitors and customers.

In addition, the platform’s pixel mechanism makes it possible to enrich this information through the actions of contacts and clients throughout the company’s Internet presence.

Complete Marketing Automation Platform

Reports, contact and company tracking, segmentation, digital channels, assets, automatic campaigns, and more …

Target audience segmentation

Efficient time management

Greater effectiveness in obtaining leads


Contact action tracking

Resource Optimization

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