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Fully managed Mailcow

We take care of everything on a pay-per-user model.

What we do

Servercow Hosting

Your email server will be hosted and technically supported by the creators of Mailcow.

Configuration Management

Of everything related to mailboxes and the email server. Nobody at your company needs to understand email concepts.

Blacklist and NDR checks

Blacklists and non-delivery reports monitoring to proactively address email deliverability issues.

Domain configuration

We create the required SPF, DKIM, DMARC and auto-config records for your domain, and  monitor DMARC reports.


Alternate outbound email route

While your assigned IP address gains good email reputation, we can provide alternate outbound routing to problematic domains for up to 1000 emails monthly free of charge.

Custom server configuration

Available for organizations of over 60 mailboxes.

We fully manage your email so you can focus on your business.

Why we are different

Successfully managing an email service requires knowledge in multiple areas: such as anti-spam mechanisms, domain settings, blacklisting, and many core email related concepts. We don’t just provide an email subscription, we manage everything related to your email service.


  • Fully managed Mailcow
  • Pay-per-user model
  • Just US$ 1.80 per user / month

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