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Fully Managed Nextcloud Hosting

We take care of everything on a pay-per-user model.

(you don’t worry about technical details such as server capacity)

Fully managed by experts


What We Do

Custom configuration

One Nextcloud instance per customer, on Ubuntu servers, with custom configuration and apps.

Monitoring and upgrades

24×7 technical monitoring.
Nextcloud instances, apps, and underlying Ubuntu Server infrastructure upgraded every 2 weeks.

Backup and Data Recovery

Previous versions and deleted files kept for 2 weeks on Nextcloud, plus full daily backups stored for 2 additional weeks outside the Nextcloud infrastructure.


8×5 (GMT -5) unlimited support through our helpdesk system, limited to server-side Nextcloud platform issues.

Cloud Infrastructure

Enterprise-grade KVM hypervisors, solid state disks (SSDs) and best-in-class 40GbE network connectivity.


Clamd anti-virus enabled with online scanning, Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates, and firewall security.

We Take Care Of Everything Nextcloud So You Can Focus On Your Business

Fully managed Nextcloud hosting.

Pay-per-user model.

Just US$ 2.90 per user / month.

5 users minimum. 

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fully managed by experts

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